1937 Zündapp Prospekt

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Behind the name .. Zündapp is a hundred thousand times proven in motorcycle manufacturing experience. Zündapp motorcycles are proven designs that have been tested in the most difficult sports events at home and abroad and have proven themselves completely. Whether in the east-Prussian mud, the deep sand of Brandenburg, in the rubble of a six-day trip or half-meter of snow in winter testing, everywhere Zündapp is in the forefront. The 1937 Zündapp models continue the further development of our successful chain and shaft drive machines and what they promise. With each of these models, we give you the guarantee that you will, for years, drive a modern and beautiful motorcycle which retains its good looks and value even after thousands of kilometers.

Zündapp KK 350 for on and off-road

A machine for long distance travel including . In a pressed steel frame the 350cc 11 hp three-phase two-stroke engine is rubber mounted for vibration-free enjoyment. Shiny driving characteristics switching, still. Due to the unmatched smooth working Zündapp Four speed - double-chain gear and the springy drive shaft are supported. Equipped with 50/70 watt battery. Zündlicht with battery, electric horn and Bosch headlight with built-in tachometer, large internal brake shoes, quick-release axles, folding rear fender, adjustable handlebars with twist grips, adjustable foot rest, anti-theft, etc. For an additional charge leg shields.